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Grupa ATM

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Brave projects depend on best in-class production services


We fulfill that role every day with top talent, equipment and stunning locations Poland has to offer.

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Production in Poland pays off with 30% Eligible Spending Refund that
we will assist with acquiring.
Contact us for more details.



Come to us with your actors and talents, and a professional film crew will be waiting for you on the spot. We will build a team tailored to your expectations, consisting of the most experienced film professionals. We will take care of their contracts, formalities and logistics.leaving you with the possibility of concentrating fully on the creative side.



We run the best equipped film rental shop in Poland. Arri Alexy LF / mini LF, Sony Venice 6k, Red Gemini 5k and many more are waiting for you, with a full range of lenses, both full frame and S 35. We rent lighting equipment (HMI, halogen, fluorescent - including, among others, ARRI , KINO FLO, DEDO, STRAND, IANIRO) for feature films, TV series, advertising, theatrical productions, music videos and all visual forms, and we ensure a comprehensive service. We provide sound equipment at every level. You can record your movie with us on top-shelf equipment!



Let us take care of everything. We will prepare transportation, hotels, catering and we will help you plan the shoot professionally and efficiently. Call sheets and permits – that’s our bread and butter. Consider it done!



Are you looking for a place to build your set? No problem. We have the largest studio facilities in Poland, ranging from 500 to 1,500 sq m per hall. The facilities are new, air-conditioned, professionally built and adapted to the requirements of film production. They are accompanied by dressing rooms, make-up rooms and offices. We like it comfortable!



If you enjoy our company on set and want to continue the cooperation in post – no problem. There are editing rooms, TV and OTT color correction rooms waiting for you, as well as a Cinema room, where we display the reference image with the help of Flagship Barco: a high-contrast RGB 4K laser projector. Nowhere in Poland will you have access to post-production on such a level!



Look up Poland and take a glance – you won’t regret it. Modern cities and medieval castles, sandy beaches and snowy mountains, we have a lot to offer. Our location managers will choose the most beautiful and diverse places for you, making sure that your production is set in the right place. Let us know what locations you need and leave it to us!

featured work

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    The Pack (Wataha)

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    Paths of Freedom

    TV series

about us

The largest audiovisual producer in Poland

and producing all kinds of content for over 20 years. Scripted, non-scripted, documentaries, features, TV series’, reality shows and advertising films for the biggest Polish and international companies – we’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of producing all of them.

Kris Founder, Producer
Andrew Founder, Producer
Waclaw Producer

Our work makes us proud and always hungry for more. It was also recognized with a various awards, like:

Złote Orły Award The Pack HBO as The Best TV series
2019 - 2021
Los Angeles Film Award Best Internet Series
March 2019
Tele Kamery Award & Nominations for the Best TV Comedy Series
2001 - 2017


Focus on Poland

Is what we like to say. With it’s 125 years of movie making tradition, diverse and stunning locations and home to Academy Awarded directors, cinematographers, composers,
scenographers and costume designers – Poland is a place of our origins and where we opearte with great success.

Focus on Architecture

Poland’s architectural variety includes some historical monuments that date back to the Middle Ages. The cultural influences of both the East and the West, resulting from our geographical location, were reflected in the architecture and heritage of Communism, which is still visible among the modern buildings that have been erected in recent years.

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  • Poland-ATM-PSP-locations-06
  • Poland-ATM-PSP-locations-07
  • Poland-ATM-PSP-locations-05
  • locations-locations

Focus on Locations

The Polish landscape is very diverse and offers filmmakers plenty of varied locations, from the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, ancient woods, the lake region and soaring mountains to a genuine desert!

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  • Poland-ATM-PSP-locations-04
  • Poland-ATM-PSP-locations-03
  • Poland-ATM-PSP-locations-02
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